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Funny mind is good for the listeners but it’s not good for the person who has one. Now days people don’t have much time to spend with each other. I have collected some amazing Funny Whatsapp Status.

You all may have heard of this quote from your elders. “The more you laugh and the more you will cry later”. So this is well said by the elders because this truly happens in real life.

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                                         Funny Whatsapp Status


1) Just fart once people starts talking behind you !!:)

2) Parenting should be as easy as getting fat.

3) I am not lazy and I was just saving my energy.

4) After Tuesday even the calendar says” W T F ”

5) The most horrible word you hear before “Good Luck” which doesn’t help at all.

6) Teachers job is to give you Homework, So you should never bring it to the school.


7) Love comes to an end when a girl says ” Lets go shopping baby”

8) The best part is when no one laugh at your jokes.

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9) Almost Everything should be fair in Love and also in Final Exams !!

10) We all that friend who always gets emotional on even Funny Whatsapp Status !!

11) When a girl falls in Love then she becomes 10 times. The girl she was before.

12) You are like my brother but from different mother.

13) There are over 50% students who just fail their exams to see their hot teacher again 🙂

14) Maybe I am clever that’s why I don’t understand a word of what I am saying 😂



15) Money could buy you friends !! TBH you can get them for Free !!

16) I don’t drink enough as you know thats why it doesn’t even reach my neck once it goes in !

cool funny whatsapp status

17) All animals are good but some can cause a serious problem to you !!

18) A man should look for what he does so what his wife does all the time 😃

19) A person who never did anything in his life so This shows that he never tried anything!

20) Maybe Life after marriage becomes boring for those who don’t take advantage of it.


                             Funny Whatsapp Status


21) Finally I have never seen a funny face that makes me happy 😊

22) Maybe Funny Whatsapp Status can destroy someones love feelings!

23) That one best friend who can cause break up between True Lovers !

best funny whatsapp status quotes

24) For girls – Age is like a number because they can change whenever they want!!

25) You are not 30 then You’re 18 with 12 year of experience!!

26) Don’t hate me because You don’t like me !! Hate me because I am beautiful 😊

27) Give up doesn’t mean you are weak ! It could mean that You can’t do any sh*t 😂

28) Live together like lovers but do things like strangers!!

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29) A cat is actually better than Girls because at least it stays with you forever !!

30) The advantage of a picture is that you can do anything with it.

31) In childhood, you only have to take bath to lose weight so Some of you don’t even do that !!

32) A women wears jewelers to show off so Best part is when it gets stolen!!

33) Luck is when an opportunity knocks your doors but you are on your phone and cba to answer !!

34) Sometimes Lazy fat people become more clever than those skinny ones 😎

35) Always smile front of girls so that makes them feel jealous!

36) When a night you can’t sleep then don’t let other s sleep as well! 😂

Best Funny Whatsapp status ever

37) My friends don’t believe in heart beats then I checked his heart rate before and also after final exams !! Then he started believing.

38) Don’t take advise and also don’t give advise especially to friends!!

39) The best motivation you always get from your friends saying ” You will definitely fail it ”

41) For some people Whatsapp message is seems like a heart attack!!

42) I don’t like my mood when it goes out of control without my permission.

best funny whatsapp status quotes

43) My parent taught me many lessons but I bunk all of them !!

44) I pretend to miss you but I hate you in real.

45) If you don’t have any girlfriend then that’s good because you will live longer!!

46) I just love my exams only when I get a dictionary as well !!


47) If you are a cold person then I am a hot person !!

48) My silence is just a scary message for you !! Don’t take it easy !!

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49) I like my haters because they don’t know how good I am.

best funny whatsapp status quotes

50) If you try to hurt me then I will try to kill you.

51) I love you from the depth of my butt because it is bigger than my heart !!

52) I know KARATE but I don’t know how to play !!

53) One child makes you a dad so two can make you an umpire!

54) I hate when it shows “Online” and that person doesn’t even see your message.

55) Life is actually more difficult than Exams.

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56) Why can’t we laugh when our wives fall !!?

57) Once a boy slapped a girl then she died then she woke up and “where is my make up”!

58) I don’t hate you therefore I was just checking your negativity.

59) Mostly Fat people can be seen from a mile !!

60) Exams practice probably eats half of you brain and another half gets destroyed on results day !!



First of all Thanks for reading these Funny status and if you have your own ones then please comment below. Stay tuned because I will be making updates to this article. Make sure you share with your friends so they can have fun as well.

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